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Residential Lawn Mowing

Residential Lawn Mowing

Serving Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Surrounding Areas Of
Hennepin, Scott, Ramsey, Dakota County, Minnesota (MN)

Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Urban Landworks’ Residential Lawn Mowing Services

In the lush neighborhoods of Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and the surrounding areas, Urban Landworks is your local expert in transforming residential lawns into vibrant and well-manicured landscapes. Our Residential Lawn Mowing Services combine precision, professionalism, and a deep understanding of the local environment to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Urban Landworks - Residential Lawn Mowing

Why Choose Urban Landworks for Residential Lawn Mowing?

Local Expertise for Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka & Surrounding Areas

As a trusted local landscaping service, Urban Landworks brings a wealth of local expertise to residential lawn care. We understand the specific needs of lawns in Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and the surrounding areas, ensuring our services are tailored to the unique characteristics of the Minnesota climate.

Professional and Reliable Service

Our commitment to professionalism and reliability is at the core of our Residential Lawn Mowing Services. Urban Landworks employs skilled and dedicated crews equipped with state-of-the-art mowing equipment. We take pride in delivering a consistent and high-quality mowing service to elevate the appearance of your home.

Customized Lawn Maintenance Plans

Recognizing that every residential property is unique, we offer customized lawn maintenance plans to meet your specific requirements. Depending on what your lawn needs, Urban Landworks provides flexible plans to keep your lawn looking its best throughout the growing season.

Attention to Detail

We go beyond mere lawn mowing; Urban Landworks emphasizes attention to detail in every aspect of our service. From precision mowing to meticulous edging and trimming, we ensure that your lawn is expertly maintained, creating a polished and well-groomed outdoor space for your home.

Urban Landworks:

Basic Turf / Weekly Mowing and Trimming:

  • We will visit your property every week and provide service.
  • Mowing will be done on the same day every week unless holidays or weather alters our schedule. You will be assigned a specific day for mowing.
  • Weekly mowing will start the 2nd full week of May (weather and lawn condition permitting) and will continue though the 3rd full week of October. Any mowing done after that will be done at the customer’s request.
  • All hard surfaces (driveways, sidewalks, and curb lines) will be blown clean of grass clippings.
  • Please have your animal waste picked up as well as toys, hoses, sporting goods, etc. as we are not responsible for any damage caused to, or from, such items.
  • Urban Landworks will determine if it is too wet or dry to mow. We will skip mowing if necessary to prevent us from causing any damage. However, we will trim any area that is needed, pick up branches, and blow off all hard surface's and deck.
  • ***Note: Branches that can be handled by hand will be collected and stacked by garbage can area or side of driveway. For additional charge, we can haul branch piles away. Please contact us for this service.
  • ***Large storm clean up (branch pick up) is not included.
  • If you are paying a flat monthly rate for service, you will not be issued a credit if we do not mow.

Urban Landworks’ Residential Lawn Packages

    Urban Landworks - Landscape Maintenance
    • The Basic Turf Service is billed on a monthly basis. May through October. It includes Weekly Mowing.
    • The Standard Package includes weekly mowing, a spring cleanup and a fall cleanup. The package is billed monthly over 7 months.
    • The Premium Package includes weekly mowing, a spring cleanup, 2 fall cleanups, fertilizer program and an aeration and overseed service. This package is billed monthly over 7 months.
    • The Yearly Platinum Package includes weekly mowing, a spring cleanup, 2 fall cleanups, fertilizer program, an aeration and overseed service and snow plowing for the winter months. With this year-round service we offer a pre-pay option with a discount of 5% if paid by March 15th.

    If you choose to not go with a package, then you can select Basic Turf and/or any one of our A La Carte Services, Fertilizer/Turf Care or Snow Plowing Services.

    Elevate Your Home’s Exterior – Schedule Urban Landworks’ Residential Lawn Mowing Services Today!

    Transform your residential lawn into a lush and inviting space with Urban Landworks’ expert lawn mowing services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the difference our local expertise and dedication can make for your home in Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and surrounding areas. Trust Urban Landworks to elevate your residential landscape with precision and professionalism.